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Farmers in Zimbabwe are extremely vulnerable to the dry, harsh conditions of droughts making it difficult to produce crops. This sweet gift will give a farmer everything they need to start beekeeping.

Beekeeping in Zimbabwe is incredibly important. The bees produce delicious honey which is an essential food and medicinal source. Excess honey and beeswax can also be sold for extra income to buy a variety of other food or pay for school fees.

Bees are also essential for pollination which is a vital part of helping fruit and vegetable crops to grow. Simply put, without bees, many families won’t eat.

Keeping a hive not only benefits individual gardens but also the shared ecosystem. This transformative gift will not only change the life of a family in Zimbabwe, but also help to conserve local forests across the region as governments are focused on conservation instead of logging in order to protect the bee population.

Photo: Lauren Kelly