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Clean water

Sri Lanka
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Many communities in Sri Lanka rely on unsafe or distant water sources. When choosing this vital Gift for Peace, you will help ensure families have clean water to drink; keeping them safe from waterborne diseases, and also enable them to safely water their crops and have food to eat.

Rashan and his wife Pamodi¹ (pictured) lived in India as refugees for over 25 years. When it was finally safe, they decided to return home to Sri Lanka.

After building a hut to live in, Rashan cleared a small section of land by hand and started farming. There was no water well so they both had to carry water collected from a public tap by bucket to water the plants.

Thanks to the support from people like you, they were able to install a bore well and buy a water pump so they can now water their plants more effectively. They produce enough to eat and sell to earn an income.

Many families like Rashan and Pamodi’s, arrive home with very little possessions and don’t have access to basic necessities like clean water. Many communities in Sri Lanka rely on unsafe or distant water sources, but your gift will provide clean water for a family just like theirs.

Rashan shared:

“If the bore well wasn't there, I would have suffered. I had to fetch water, carrying the pots on my shoulders and at night I had to suffer from severe feet and arm pain…The assistance I got can truly not be expressed in words.”

¹Rashan and Pamodi’s names have been changed to protect their identities as returned refugees.
Photo: Richard Wainwright/Act for Peace