Food for a Family
Food for a Family

Food for a Family

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When families flee from conflict, they are often forced to leave everything behind. Your Gift for Peace will provide a Syrian refugee family with two weeks’ worth of emergency food rations – ensuring that they can focus on rebuilding their lives without the constant worry of how they will feed their families.

This much-needed gift will provide a Syrian refugee family with emergency food rations for two weeks.

In Jordan, families like Malak’s* have lived through one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. While it helped to slow the spread of COVID-19, it meant that people like Malak, her husband and children were unable to leave the camp to buy food or access basic hygiene facilities.

Thankfully, families like Malak’s received emergency food rations, one of the gifts found in this catalogue. Malak shared just how much a food package means to her:

"We had something to eat in the house; that was amazing."

As the world slowly returns to normal, they are able to use the milk they receive in their pack to make cheese and yoghurt to sell at the market to bring in additional income for the family.

“We thank you so much, we appreciate that you feel for us.”

*Name changed for safety reasons.
Photo: Joel Pratley/Act for Peace