School Starter Pack

School Starter Pack

Sri Lanka
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New for Christmas!

This card is ready for fun colouring-in! An ideal gift for children, you can engage a child about how they will help children who are returning home in Sri Lanka be ready for school.

School Supplies for a Refugee

Sri Lankan refugee families are slowly returning home but they have very little and are lacking even the most basic items as they restart their lives. This gift means a child can go to school, make new friends and continue their education.

While a little one is colouring in the card, it’s a great time to explain that through their gift, a child in Sri Lanka is also receiving a gift on their behalf. This School Starter Pack includes a backpack filled with pencils, a ruler, crayons, as well as a uniform, shoes and socks so they can start school with all they need.

Please note: because this is a special colouring-in card, this gift doesn’t come with a magnet.