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Dignity kit

Dignity kit

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Give the gift of a dignity kit to a woman or girl in Ethiopia.

Women around the world would agree that getting their period is anything but easy. But for women and girls living as refugees, it has an unparalleled set of challenges.

Many refugee women in Ethiopia are impoverished and frequently experience ‘period poverty’ where they are unable to access basic essentials like sanitary napkins.

Many of the women involved in this project are also survivors of sexual or genders based violence, or live with a disability. This life changing gift will provide a refugee with a dignity kit containing everything she needs to manage her period, including sanitary napkins, water containers, soap and more.

“I am strong because I know I have help” – Soraya¹ (pictured), mother, refugee and sexual violence survivor.

¹Soraya’s name has been changed to protect her identity as a refugee.
Photo: Ben Littlejohn/Act for Peace