Reporting back on the impact you have made through your Gift for Peace.

Through Gifts for Peace you are directly supporting communities in different countries around the world. Each gift supports local communities to access life-changing support, from food for refugee families in Jordan to sending girls to school in Afghanistan. Your gifts are already making a transformative difference and bringing a positive change in someone’s life. You’re also showing conflict and disaster affected people on the other side of the world that we care about them, and that they matter.

Our program’s team have recorded a few quick videos showing the specific impact each of your Gifts for Peace are having on the lives of the people who you support. Together we are creating meaningful change for those who need it most.


In rural areas of Afghanistan, education is often very difficult to access and girls are often those who miss out. Your Gifts for Peace in Afghanistan are helping girls go to school and receive an education by providing backpacks filled with classroom and hygiene essentials.


COVID-19 has affected all of us, but not equally. Your Gifts for Peace are providing nurses and frontline workers in Ethiopia with masks and hand sanitiser as they undertake home visits or transport sick refugees to medical appointments. You’re also providing dignity kits to women living as refugees.


The blockade in Gaza has led to widespread poverty and unemployment which means that many families don’t have enough to eat, leaving thousands of children going hungry and malnourished. Your Gifts for Peace are helping to provide a baby with a full check-up and prescribed medicines. You’re also helping to cover a nurse’s salary so that they can provide vital medical care to their local community.


The Syrian conflict, now in its 10th year, is one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. Your Gifts for Peace are helping to provide a family living as refugees in Jordan with emergency food rations as well as providing a Syrian refugee woman with the skills and knowledge needed to cultivate a kitchen garden.


In Pakistan, your Gifts for Peace are helping to support women through pregnancy and childbirth by providing birthing kits with sterilised equipment and hygiene items. You're also helping children learn by providing ‘get ready for school kits’ as well as toys and learning resources for their classrooms.

Sri Lanka

After fleeing the civil war in Sri Lanka, many families lived for years in a refugee camp in India. With the war now over, many are now making the return home. Your Gifts for Peace are helping returning refugees to access temporary shelters and clean water so they have a safe place to live when they return to their homeland.


When a disaster strikes, communities are often cut off from essential supplies. Your lifesaving Gifts for Peace are giving entire communities in Vanuatu the essentials they’ll need to survive in the event of an emergency.


The ability to grow your own food means food security for those who are at risk of natural disasters and the impacts of climate change. Your Gifts for Peace are helping to provide livestock, training and seeds so that farmers can feed their families and earn an income.