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A pair of goats

A pair of goats

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Give the gift of a pair of baby goats to a person living with a disability in Zimbabwe. Traditional farming methods like ploughing fields can be incredibly difficult for people living with a disability, but rearing goats is possible!

This life changing gift provides an opportunity for a person living with a disability to support themselves or contribute to their household; empowering them and giving them a sense of purpose and pride.

“Having goats has meant that I was able to save and buy myself a special bike that has given me my freedom to move about despite having a disability. I can now visit my friends and go to school. – Patrick¹, teenage boy living with a club foot, Zimbabwe.”

Your gift of two baby goats can make a world of difference for an entire family. Just two goats can transform a family’s future; not only do they provide milk, but they create manure which can be used on crops, and any baby goats can be sold to buy other essentials.

¹Patrick’s name has been changed to protect his identity as a minor
Photo: Joel Pratley/Act for Peace