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Classroom Teaching Kit

Classroom Teaching Kit

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Give a teacher all the tools needed to effectively teach a pre-school class with teaching materials and educational toys.

Rural Pakistan has some of the worst literacy rates in the world – almost 60% of children can’t read or write. This gift will help teachers with the curriculum and teaching tools to help children learn and continue their education.

"Going to school makes us happy because we are lucky to get a chance to go school as some children do not get the same opportunity like us." Alina¹, 9

This great teaching kit contains learning cards for alphabet and numbers, educational games, building blocks and play dough, jigsaw puzzles and more. Plus stationary supplies so the teacher is prepared for the class, including: paper (coloured and white), tape, stapler, pens, markers, chartboards and folders.

¹Alina’s name has been changed to protect her identity as a child.
Photo: CWSA/Act for Peace