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Clean water

Clean water

Sri Lanka
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Give the gift of clean water!

For years, families like Rashan and Pamodi’s (pictured) lived as refugees in India after fleeing the civil war in Sri Lanka. Now that the war has ended, many families are now returning home. But, this is not an easy task.

For families like Rashan and Pamodi’s, they arrive home with very little possessions and don’t have access to basic necessities like clean water. Many communities in Sri Lanka rely on unsafe or distant water sources, but your gift will provide clean water for a family.

This life giving gift will ensure families have clean water to drink; keeping them safe from waterborne diseases, but will also enable them to safely water their crops and have food to eat.

“If the bore well wasn't there, I would have suffered. I had to fetch water, carrying the pots on my shoulders and at night I had to suffer from severe feet and arm pain…The assistance I got can truly not be expressed in words.” – Rashan¹

¹Rashan’s name has been changed to protect his identity as a returned refugee.
Photo: Richard Wainwright/Act for Peace