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Farmyard animals

Farmyard animals

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Give the gift of farmyard animals to a family in Zimbabwe including rabbits, chickens and turkeys. This incredible gift is absolutely life changing! As part of this gift, farmers will also receive specialised training on how to raise, care for and breed small farm animals.

This gift will not only provide a family with a source of protein but also a regular income as they can sell any offspring to others in their community, bringing a brighter future and the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

Any additional income enables families to supplement their diets with fruit and vegetables which can be difficult to grow in Zimbabwe’s harsh climate. Parents will also use any additional income to pay for their children’s school fees.

I feel very happy because my family is always happy when we have food in the home. – Nyevero, a mother and farmer in Zimbabwe.

Photo: Joel Pratley/Act for Peace