One month’s salary for a nurse
One month’s salary for a nurse

One month’s salary for a nurse

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In light of the ongoing crisis in Gaza and Israel, we intend for your Gift for Peace to continue providing vital medical care in Gaza once it’s safe to do so. During this time, gifts related to Gaza will be used to support our emergency response work on the ground, providing lifesaving care for civilians in Gaza caught in the escalating conflict.

This Gift for Peace covers the cost of a nurse’s salary for a month so they can continue working in their community and provide vital medical care to families living under the blockade.

Due to the blockade, there is widespread poverty and unemployment in Gaza which means that many families don’t have enough to eat, leaving thousands of children going hungry and malnourished.

Nurses and healthcare workers like Fatima* (pictured) screen and treat children under six for anaemia and malnutrition like Maya* (pictured), providing health education and nutrition information for families – saving countless lives.

Fatima has been working as a nurse since 2014. She shared:

“I’m very happy in my job and I think we are helping a lot of people and what I love about it is the children.”

This Gift for Peace will help a nurse like Fatima in Gaza continue doing the work they love and help many children access the medical care they need.

*Names changed for safety reasons.
Photo: Richard Wainwright/Act for Peace